Marketing Samples

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Marketing Samples

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Drawing Box

FINAL Grand Opening Front without certified dealer FINAL Grand Opening Back

George and Flo

J&L Insurance Services are excited about the launch of their new business and worked hard with our designer to create new logo which they are incorporating into signage, business cards, letterhead, invoices, clothing and their new website!  Check out the designs created for them:

J&L Insurance Services

J&L Insurance Services Website

Dave Timmons and the staff at Midwest Truck Parts, Inc. are excited about their new facility in Dawson, MN and decided they also needed a new logo, new business cards and a new webpage!  Check them out below:

Logo with box

Card Front1

Card BAck1

Midwest Truck Parts Website

Dr. Kevin Skjei and the staff at Appleton Dental Care developed a new logo, a new website and a new Facebook page!  New ownership has revised the logo slightly but has retained the overall logo design.

Appleton Dental Care LOGO

Appleton Dental Care FACEBOOK Page

Before the start of the 2015 Lac qui Parle County Fair developed a new logo with our designer, a new website, a new Facebook page and a Twitter page!  Check them all out today:




LqP Fair Website


Samples on this page will change periodically, so check back to see what is new!

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